Grupo Chakai Manta which in the Quechua language of Peru and Bolivia translates in Spanish to "De Alla Lejos", in English meaning “From Far Away.” During this presentation, the four musicians in the group will play their special musical instruments from different countries in Latin America. Patricia Bussert from Venezuela, Graciela Emerson from Mexico, Felipe Mercado from Chile and Jeffrey Hager from Cleveland will introduce you to a variety of unique Latin American instruments, among them the charango, a 10 string instrument resembling a small guitar traditionally made from an Armadillo shell, the quena, one of the oldest flutes in the Americas . Other distinctive instruments you will hear include the maracas, bombo and venezuelan cuatro. Together the four artists will take you on a musical journey with a variety of songs and tunes from different countries of Latin America.

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Noches de Bohemia
"The concept of Bohemia is the coexistence, it is the mingle with friends in an atmosphere of comradeship, where the music, songs, poems, anecdotes and especially the spontaneity, is the main ingredient."   'In a Bohemian all guests can participate either singing, singing chorus, declaiming or playing a musical instrument. You don't have to be a singer  or playing with virtuosity because, "In order to be Bohemian only you need to be in love, excited, passionate or deeply wounded'