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In preparation for the pageant the participants are enrolled in our Modeling and Refinement Program which focuses on the areas of self -esteem, social behavior, public speaking, etiquette, and cultural knowledge. The winner of the pageant  is chosen by a panel of judges based on individual interviews, artistic presentations, projection, and participation in the course. This is not a contest of physical beauty,  in the end it is a showcase of what they have learned and who they have become through this intense learning process. 

The Miss Puerto Rico Image Program is an intense course through which a queen is selected for the 47th  Annual Puerto Rican Parade. Thishigh energy pageant embraces and captures the beauty and pride of the Puerto Rican cultureand is one of the most highly anticipated events of the summer among the Puerto Rican community in Cleveland,Ohio. 

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Miss Puerto Rico Image Program

​2015 Candidates

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The newly crowned Miss Puerto Rico Image will continue on to serve the community as an advocate, friend and role model among her peers.

Not only will she gain valuable knowledge she will be rewarded with many other educational and cultural opportunities throughout her reign.